New Years Ideas In Essex

New Years Ideas In Essex

What will you be doing this New Year’s Eve? If you haven’t yet made plans or are looking for some fun ideas then take a look at the list below. new year eve pancho

New Year’s eve is a time when everyone celebrates the end of this year and the beginning of the next. However we all have different ways of doing this. Maybe you go out for a few drinks with friends or go out for a meal with your family. No matter what you do the new year will roll around regardless so here are a couple of ideas for you to consider for your evening.  

Dinner & Drink

East Coast Social in Southend offer and beautiful menu of tasty traditional british food including steaks and burgers. After eating simply move downstairs to the bar for some drinks, music from the DJs and live entertainment. You will receive a free glass of bubbly on arrival but don’t forget to purchase a ticket first.  


Probably the most traditional New Year’s Eve activity is watching fireworks. This is something you can either go out and see or buy your own and set them off in your garden. A lovely way to bring family and friends together at the same time.


Maybe your looking to going clubbing for New Years, if so, then Evoke in Chelmsford is doing a New Year’s Eve event. This will include DJ’s, entertainers and dancing. You will need to purchase a ticket for this event.

Local Pubs

You and you friends and family may head down to your local pub for some drinks and a laugh whilst welcoming in the New Year with other locals. This is can be relaxing and often free entry to pubs as people often start there and then move on before twelve o’clock.  

Panchos Cantina

Panchos Cantina provides a lovely Mexican meal New Year’s Eve to all customer who want that warm friendly vibe. Also to those who just want to start the night with good food. Our menu has a great variety to please everybody’s appetite.

Join us at Panchos Cantina for a enjoyable occasion with great food and delicious cocktails. All friends and family are welcome, please book for large parties.


For more information or to book a table with Panchos Cantina in Westcliff please contact us on 01702 432832 or at our Rayleigh restaurant on 01268 772479.

IT’S CHRISTMAS! Where are you eating your christmas dinner?

IT’S CHRISTMAS! Where are you eating your christmas dinner?

There are many different types of cuisine available in Southend and Westcliff for you to choose from for your christmas dinner.

christmas dinner panchos

You could go the traditional route or maybe a roast isn’t for you. Why not take a look at what options are available before booking. Below is a list of restaurants with a variety of cuisine that are all offering christmas dinner and christmas work meals.

Toby Carvery

You could go for a traditional christmas roast with Toby Carvery. They are even provide christmas breakfasts on the 16th, 17th, 23rd and 24th. For a roast with all the trimmings you can book your christmas dinner online with Toby Carvery. They offer christmas day and boxing day separate menus and one for the run up to christmas.

Miller and Carter

Miller and Carter is a well known steak house so if you love your steak this could be for you. They are offering two courses for £20.95, which is available from the 23rd November to the 24th December. It’s not your traditional christmas dinner but has all the essence of it being one.


For a more Italian style christmas meal why not try Prezzos. They offer Lasagna, Ragu and Calzones for the mains on the christmas menu. This is available from the 14th November to the 1st January. Prezzo’s offers three courses and a glass of prosecco for £22.95 or any two courses and a glass of prosecco for £19.95.


The Boatyard’s christmas menu is a mix of traditional roast dinner, lamb, steak or fish dishes. This could appeal to those of you who don’t preference a roast dinner for christmas and for the friends or family who do. Here you have a selection of options within one restaurant.


A totally unconventional christmas dinner for those of you who just prefer something other than the typical roast dinner. At Panchos you could get delicious BBQ ribs, Fajitas, Salmon and much more. We have a friendly and calming atmosphere for you to sit back and relax and let us do the cooking.

For a tasty christmas meal bursting with flavours you should book with us, Panchos Cantina. We offer christmas work meals and christmas dinner with your family and friends. Our menu has an array of choices to suit everyone needs.


For more information or to book with Panchos Cantina in Westcliff please call 01702 432832 or to book with our Rayleigh restaurant call 01268 772479.

Christmas Market In Southend High Street

Christmas Market In Southend High Street

Keep that christmas spirit high by continuing with the festivity up until christmas. Southend has a christmas market on the 16th December till the 24th December.  

southend christmas market panchos

We had Southend’s christmas lights countdown and we have seen the Coke-a-Cola truck. The final run up to till christmas is now upon us and Southend’s well loved christmas market is back. Take a look at the beautiful stalls and take in its mouth watering smells.

There is market stalls running through the high street for everyone to walk through and take a look. The market stalls have many delights to hold you attention such as festive foods that will help to find the stall for you just through the smell. Also classic christmas gifts and trinkets stalls for any late christmas presents for the loved ones in your life.

The christmas market is located in the High Street every day from 16th – 24th December. Southend’s christmas market is opening from 09:00 in the morning till 17:00 in the evening. You will have ample time to look around, buy anything you have your eye on and to try some delicious food.  

This christmas market is for everyone! Bring your mum, dad, nan, grandad, auntie, uncles and the kids. There is as much there for the kids as there is for the adults. Why not try the festive snacks available whilst picking out a new decoration for you christmas tree.

It is an event enjoyed by all and at the most positive time of the year. You will all have fun and can also finish any last bits of christmas shopping you have left to do. It is a great outdoors activity you can do with your friends and family.

This can be made into a day event by having lunch or dinner out after looking around in the cold. After a day outside in the cold a warm meal is always welcome. You have plenty to choose from in Southend and Westcliff with an array of cuisines.

Enjoy a lovely warm Mexican lunch or dinner with Panchos after your christmas shopping and walking around the christmas market. Keep those spirits high with our menu that can be enjoyed by everyone. We provide a friendly and relaxing atmosphere that can be relished by all.


For more information or to book your lunch or dinner with Panchos Cantina please contact us on our Westcliff number 01702 432832 or on our Rayleigh number 01268 772479.

The Holidays Are Coming

The Holidays Are Coming

What is it to you that symbolises the countdown to christmas? Is it seeing the John Lewis Christmas advert, black friday sales, christmas pop up shops and markets? Or is it the infamous Coke-a-Cola truck that does it rounds at this time of year.

panchos southend

Its that time of year again when the evenings are getting darker faster and the days are getting colder. Christmas is just around the corner and the run up can be just as exciting and nostalgic.

The Coke-a-Cola truck is making is rounds through Southend on the 15th of December. This is the legendary truck seen in the christmas adverts for generations. Which is probably a massive contributor as to why it is so popular.

At this event free coke-a-cola will be handed out and a short animation is play on to the side of the truck. The Coke-a-Cola trucks drive through many towns lights up the faces of all who goes to see it pass through. This for some marks the countdown until christmas.

Families stand in the cold just the catch a glimpse of this festive truck all with one song in mind, ‘the holidays are coming’. This isn’t just another lights count down or another christmas market. This is the childhood of mum, dad, nans, grandads and of their children. The Coke-a-Cola truck is now so when known that it attracts crowds of people of all ages and backgrounds to the event.

This is something many people look to as a symbol of the festive season. The red and white christmas advert that has essentially creative the iconic figure that we all associate with christmas worldwide today. Father christmas! It was only after the Coke-a-Cola advert that he was seen dressed everywhere dressed in red and white.

Why not continue the fun and festivities by taking your friends and family out for dinner. After standing in the cold it will be welcome warmth and a great way to continue your evening. There are many restaurants to choose from in Southend and Westcliff with a wide range of cuisine.

Panchos Cantina has a November offer that fits perfectly with the timing of the Coke-a-Cola truck. You can buy two courses for just £12.95 and get half price cocktails! This offer runs from sunday to thursday throughout November.


If you would like to booked your Panchos dinners then please contact us on our Westcliff number 01702 432832

Christmas Menu

Christmas Menu

Panchos Cantina christmas menu is now available online and bookings are being made. Join us for a fun and festive christmas dinner with all your friends and family.


We have a mouth watering menu for our customers over the christmas season. Our menu has a variety of dishes that is guaranteed to make any one happy.  Below is all the christmas menu option available.


BBQ Ribs

Half rack of baby back ribs, slow cooked in our own recipe BBQ sauce, served on a bed of lettuce

Loaded Potato Skins (V)

Scooped potato halves, fried and filled with either chilli and cheese, bacon and cheese or mushroom and cheese.

Viva Mushrooms (V)

Breaded button mushrooms deep fried and served with a garlic dip.

Chicken Taquitos

Two flour tortillas rolled around spicy chicken, fried crisp and served with guacamole.

Brie Wedges

Chunks of brie coated in lightly seasoned breadcrumbs, deep fried in vegetable oil until crispy on the outside and warmingly melted on the inside – served with Cranberry Sauce.


Main Courses

Sizzling Fajitas (V)

Strips of marinated, chicken or steak, or fresh crispy vegetables, all served on a sizzling skillet with a bed of onions and bell peppers accompanied by warm flour fajitas, sour cream, guacamole, cheese and Mexican salsa or cranberry.

Chilli Con Carne

Our own homemade Chilli Con Carne served on a bed of Mexican rice.

Enchiladas (V)

Mexican chicken, hot chilli beef or mixed vegetables rolled inside a large flour tortilla, covered with melted cheese, served with Mexican rice and re-fried beans.

Chicken ‘N’ Ribs

Large chicken fillet and a half rack of baby ribs with our own BBQ sauce, served with fries, Mexican rice or salad.

Fillet Of Salmon

Char-grilled and served with a sweet chilli sauce, with fries, Mexican rice or salad.

Sirloin Strip ( there is a £7.50 surcharge for the steak )

A 10 oz sirloin steak char-grilled as you like it with Cajun spices or plain, Served with fries, Mexican rice or salad.

Panchos Homemade 6oz 100% Ground Beefburger

Char-grilled and covered with melted cheese, served in a bun with mayonnaise lettuce and tomato.

Why not top with our homemade chilli con carne for a winter warmer (optional).



Available on request/ on specials board £4.95


Join us at Panchos Cantina at Westcliff or at our Rayleigh restaurant for your christmas meal. We provide a friendly atmosphere for you and your friends and family.

If you would like to book your christmas meal will our Westcliff branch please contact us on 01702 432832. Or to book at our Rayleigh branch contact us on 01268 772479.