The best Mexican restaurants in Southend and the rest of Essex

There are times in our lives when nothing but a delicious Mexican meal will do! The spice, the flavours, the mouth-watering deliciousness that comes with this type of cuisine, no wonder so many people love to eat Mexican.

Thankfully, for those that live in Essex, there are a variety of different choices when it comes to amazing Mexican Restaurants. But which are the best? Check out our list and find out the places that you are just going to have to try!

El Guaca Mexican Grill- Clacton on Sea

Thought to be one of the most authentic restaurants in the whole of Essex. For those that are looking for a real taste of Mexico, then this is definitely the place to head. Not only is it decorated and furnished to a high standard, but the food created on the Mexican Grill is pretty awesome too. So popular was this one restaurant, that there are now more locations in this ever growing chain.

Mexican Kitchen- Wickford

Now, this may not be a sit down restaurant like the rest in the list, but this doesn’t take away from the beauty of this particular place to eat. Ideal for when you need a quick yet delicious bite to eat, this is the place to go. All handmade and authentic, plenty of people love to head here for a takeaway!

Salsa Restaurant- Southend

Sometimes you can’t quite decide what you want to eat, which means that a restaurant which gives you a few different choices is going to be a hit with you. Salsa Restaurant is just such a restaurant. Whilst it may be a Tapas and Grill, it isn’t limited to one particular cuisine. In fact, here you will find Spanish, Portuguese and Mexican food. Bringing together a variety of flavours that you will be sure to enjoy.

Chiquitos- Basildon

It might be a UK wide chain, but that doesn’t take away from the amazing food that is offered at Chiquitos. The menu is packed full of a variety of choices, which means that you are sure to always find something that you are going to want to eat, and it is also a great place for you to meet friends or spend some time with your family.

Panchos Cantina- Westcliff on Sea

Okay, so it might be blowing our own trumpet, but we are pretty proud of our little restaurant. Not only do we create and cook delicious Mexican food that any one is sure to enjoy, but we also work hard to create an atmosphere too. Ideal as a meeting place before a night out, or perhaps as a start of a hen or stag do. We love to welcome large groups and make sure that they not only have a delicious meal, but a great start to their night too!

Why not book in to eat with us? We can promise you that you will fall in love with our amazing food!

Stag do ideas for Rayleigh and Essex

When you are organising a stag do, then you are going to want to make sure that it is the very best stag do ever. This means that you will want to find the perfect places to eat, drink and have some fun.

If you are planning a stag do in Rayleigh or in the wider Essex area, then you will be pleased to know that there are a variety of great places for activities, meals or drinks. To help you to plan, we have put together our comprehensive list of ideas for stag dos in Essex.

Bubble Football

Looking for an entertaining and fun activity for the stags to enjoy during the day. Why not book in for Bubble football? Not only can you make sure that the ref isn’t bribed, but you will also have a whole host of laughs too. Best of all, as you are surrounded by a giant football bubble, you won’t have to worry about too many bumps and bruises.

The Alex- Southend On Sea

Want to find the ideal night time venue for your celebrations? If you do then The Alex is a great place to go. Here you will find an amazing atmosphere as well as a variety of drinks. But best of all they also often organise their very own games night, including that classic beer pong!

Bush Tucker Trial

Think that you have a strong stomach? Have a relatively competitive bunch of lads? Why not organise a Bush Tucker Trial that will rival the Australian Jungle? Here you will go head to head and challenge one another to eat some truly disgusting bugs. This includes waterbugs, grasshoppers and crickets. Not only is this a bit disgusting, but it is also pretty fun too, and is sure to be a stag do that they will remember for years to come.

Hangover Angel

Are you sure that you are going to have a few sore heads in the morning? Why not book in for a Hangover Angel to personally deliver you the help that you need? Not only will you be greeted by a beautiful face just when you need it the most, but you will also be given a hangover recovery kit. Packed full of things that you are going to need in order to get yourself ready for another amazing day, or simply to head home and face the music!

Here are some of the best ideas for a stag do in Rayleigh and Essex. As presented to you by one fo the most popular stag friendly restaurants in the whole of Essex.

Want to find the perfect start for your stag do? Why not book in to eat at Panchos Cantina? The perfect place to have some fun and eat delicious food, we welcome stag and hen parties of all sizes and will make sure that you have an awesome time.

September Is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September Is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month


This month is National Childhood Cancer Awareness month.
Stand united and help raise awareness, fund research and help get the best treatments we can for children diagnosed with cancer.

charity meals at panchos

A charity event is a great way for everyone to join together a help out a great cause.


What is national childhood cancer awareness month? Well it is a month where everyone worldwide pulls together to raise money to help raise awareness about childhood cancer. According to CancerResearchUk around 4,200 young people a year get diagnosed with cancer. The money raised can help fund research and treatment for kids.


If you are looking to help but aren’t sure where to start you can raise money for this in many different ways including:

Charity meals

A fun way to raise money and get everyone together having fun is a charity meal. Some restaurant even offer to donate part of the food so you end up raising even more.

Coffee mornings

Another sociable way to raise awareness and money to the event. This way it doesn’t feel like you’re doing anything but all the money goes to a great cause.

Charity runs

The good old fashioned charity run. This isn’t for everybody but those who can hack it can raise lots of money for a brilliant cause in need.

It’s a great way to make a difference in a young person’s life which in turn helps their families through difficult times.

This can also be something you enjoy doing by inviting friends and family to help you to raise this money. If running isn’t your thing it can be done by eating food and drinking delicious cocktails with everyone you love around you.

Panchos offers a special charity offer when you choose to eat at one of our restaurants and raise money. When you have ten or more guests Panchos pay 50% of the food bill to the charity that you are hoping to raise money for. So why not join us this month and help raise money for National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. If you want to find out more about our party events and offers take a look at the blog ‘Fiesta! Let’s have a party’.

To join us in our Rayleigh restaurant book your charity party in advance, call us on 01268 772479 or book in with out Westcliff restaurant by calling 01702 432832.

Best Takeaways in Westcliff

Best Takeaways in Westcliff


We all love an evening out socialising with friends over a meal but what’s even better than eating out? Takeaway!

take away with panchos cantina

It doesn’t matter what take away you feel like Westcliff has them all. The great thing about diversity in an area is all the benefits that different cultures add to a traditional place. When walking for one end of the street to another you will often past a Chinese restaurants, indian restaurant and good old fashioned fish and chips.


So where do we recommend? Heres our list of favorite take aways:


Who doesn’t like pasta? I can honestly say I’ve never heard anybody say they don’t enjoy pasta. So our first take away stop had to be Pasta Pia for all types of pasta from penne to tagliatelle and lasagne.



Our local fish and chips shop, there really isn’t anything more british. Not only can you choose from your cod, rock, scampi, haddock and plaice this fish and chip shop offer burgers, ribs, pies, sausages and kebabs.



For the pizza lovers out there we bring to you Papa John’s a well known pizza take away. They provide every pizza topping from full meat pizza to peppers and mushrooms. Then not forgetting an array of sides including the classic garlic bread, corn on the cob, potato wedges, cheesy jalapeno bites, chicken wings and so much more!



Add some culture to your evening with beautiful traditional chinese food. Also offering a mix of tastes such as hot and spicy to sweet and sour. You could try the duck and wraps, spare ribs, crispy seaweed, chicken cantonese style, crispy shredded chilli beef and so much more mouth watering options.



To add a little taste of mexico we bring to you Panchos Cantina with options to keep everyone happy. These include fish dishes such as the louisiana tuna melt, meat dishes with chicken, steak and BBQ ribs and that’s just the main dishes. Also on offer is a range of starters and a kids menu.


If you fancy your delicious food indoors tonight then come on down to Westcliff where there is something for everyone. Our Panchos Cantina is an award winning restaurant on multiple occasions. We offer a variety of food choices from our freshly made menu with vegetarian options and a kids menu to keep the whole family happy. Take a look at our menu and see if anything take your fancy.


Give us a call today and order a tasty treat for your dinner on 01702 432832.

Fiesta! Let’s Have a Party

Fiesta! Let’s Have a Party

Celebrate the Mexican way, the more people the better. Let’s have a fiesta!

Panchos parties

Do we even need a reason celebrate? Enjoy fantastic food and delicious drinks in Essex. We all enjoy having a laugh with our friends or catching up with family. Why not do that over a great meal.


There are many reasons you may want to book for a group party. Just a few we could think of:

Birthday celebrations

Share your birthday celebrations with everyone you know in a comfortable and friendly restaurant. This topped off with all your favorite dishes, what more could you want?

Stag do & Hen do

You can sleep easy now knowing you stag do or hen do is in safe hands. The great thing about Mexico, TEQUILA! There are plenty of cocktails to choose from with many different flavours.


Happy Anniversary, why not reminisce with your family about you life together so far. Not only its it easy to organise, the menu has something for everyone. We have many fantastic food options including Ribs, Tennessee steak and Chimichangas.

Passing your driving test

Why not celebrate pasting your test with your friends, finally you can drive anywhere you want. However if your are driving to this celebration meal and everyone else is drinking cocktails don’t feel left out try our non-alcoholic cocktails.  

Work party

It been a long week and you’re all feeling the strain but now it’s the weekend and it’s time to relax. Everyone can enjoy a great meal and feel the stress wash away. We have a delicious drink menu including Margaritas, Mojitos and Sangria just to name a few.

It’s the weekend

It may not even be a celebration, it might just be the weekend and what better to do than have food and drinks in great company. You and your friends or family can enjoy the many menu options from BBQ ribs to truly traditional dishes.


If you have a celebration coming up or just want to party then Panchos can help you. We have a great offers where it pays to be organised. If you book with a party of ten plus people the organiser eats for free! This is a great opportunity to catch up with friends, family and work colleges.


To book a party at Pancho’s at our Rayleigh restaurant call 01268 772479 or for our Westcliff restaurant call 01702 432832.


Plan the perfect hen do in Leigh and Essex

Have you been tasked to organise a hen party for a best friend, sister or another person in your life? Thinking that Leigh or Essex is the ideal venue for your hen do? Well, the best thing about organising a hen do in this area is that there is plenty to choose from.

Still think that you might need a helping hand? Why not check out some of the top hen do ideas in the Leigh and Essex area?

Beyonce Dance

Who runs the world? Well, when you learn the amazing Beyonce dance routines, you and your fellow hens definitely will run the world! A fantastic take on the popular dance classes that many hens decide to do, we think this is not only great fun but will be sure to teach you some sexy moves to bring out on the dancefloor later on.

Nude Life Drawing

Want to admire some naked men, but not quite sure you fancy a cabaret show? Why not get a little arty with a nude life drawing session? Not only is this the ideal way to unleash your creativity, but you can also have a great giggle too, and you might just find that you are a bit of a dab hand at drawing. At least drawing naked men that is!

Express Blow Dry

If you want to make sure that you look your best on your big night out in Essex? If you do, then why not make your daytime/evening activity an express blow dry. It won’t take long and you will be left with glam and gorgeous hair that any starlet would be jealous of!


It might not be the most lady life activity, but graffiti is a whole lot of fun. Based in Essex, you and your girls can create graffiti in a safe setting, getting messy and unleashing your own creativity. All without getting into trouble.

Sugar Hut

One of the best known bars in the whole of Essex, if you really want to enjoy a spot of Essex glamour, then why not book in to spend the night dancing away in this ever popular night spot. You never know who you might bump into at the bar!

Now, all you need to do is get in touch with us here at Panchos Cantina and book in your hen do meal. We welcome hen and stag parties of all sizes and we are dedicated to making sure that the bride, as well as all her hens have the best start to the night possible.

With a great atmosphere and a place to try some delicious Mexican food, this really is the start that any big night out needs!