Christmas Market In Southend High Street

Christmas Market In Southend High Street

Keep that christmas spirit high by continuing with the festivity up until christmas. Southend has a christmas market on the 16th December till the 24th December.  

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We had Southend’s christmas lights countdown and we have seen the Coke-a-Cola truck. The final run up to till christmas is now upon us and Southend’s well loved christmas market is back. Take a look at the beautiful stalls and take in its mouth watering smells.

There is market stalls running through the high street for everyone to walk through and take a look. The market stalls have many delights to hold you attention such as festive foods that will help to find the stall for you just through the smell. Also classic christmas gifts and trinkets stalls for any late christmas presents for the loved ones in your life.

The christmas market is located in the High Street every day from 16th – 24th December. Southend’s christmas market is opening from 09:00 in the morning till 17:00 in the evening. You will have ample time to look around, buy anything you have your eye on and to try some delicious food.  

This christmas market is for everyone! Bring your mum, dad, nan, grandad, auntie, uncles and the kids. There is as much there for the kids as there is for the adults. Why not try the festive snacks available whilst picking out a new decoration for you christmas tree.

It is an event enjoyed by all and at the most positive time of the year. You will all have fun and can also finish any last bits of christmas shopping you have left to do. It is a great outdoors activity you can do with your friends and family.

This can be made into a day event by having lunch or dinner out after looking around in the cold. After a day outside in the cold a warm meal is always welcome. You have plenty to choose from in Southend and Westcliff with an array of cuisines.

Enjoy a lovely warm Mexican lunch or dinner with Panchos after your christmas shopping and walking around the christmas market. Keep those spirits high with our menu that can be enjoyed by everyone. We provide a friendly and relaxing atmosphere that can be relished by all.


For more information or to book your lunch or dinner with Panchos Cantina please contact us on our Westcliff number 01702 432832 or on our Rayleigh number 01268 772479.

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