Kids’ Easter Holidays

Kids’ Easter Holidays

Is it really Easter already? Wasn’t it just christmas? These holiday seasons come around so quickly, leaving us wondering what to do, so why not join us for lunch or dinner in one of our friendly restaurants.

It’s that time of year again when the kids have broken up for two weeks over the Easter break. So what do you do while they have two weeks off on the sugar high from chocolate eggs? Why not have a lunch out. We have a menu that specially caters to children, take a look below to find your little one’s favourite meal.

BBQ Chicken

Tasty chicken fillets cooked in a beautiful BBQ sauce that makes it easy to get your kids to eat a full meal with no arguments. This dish comes in at a budget friendly £4.95 leaving you with money in your pocket.

Panchos Kid’s Burger

Our kid’s burger consists of a 4oz chuck steak burger that is char grilled to perfection. This can be served with or without cheese, just let your waiter know. Another dish coming in at under five pounds, only £4.95.

Ribs For Kids

The ribs for kids come in child friendly portions with a half sized portion of ribs for your kids to enjoy. This ribs for kids meal will set you back a small £4.95, not bad for a meal for your little one.

Fish Fingers

A classic for all children is the fish fingers. This dish is again £4.95. Our fish fingers are one of our most popular dishes among the kids who eat at our restaurants.

Chicken Nuggets

Who doesn’t love chicken nuggets? Another classic favourite that always goes down well with the kids is our chicken nuggets. Made from crisp crumbed chicken pieces. With the low price tag of just £4.95.

Panchos Cantina is a family friendly establishment that caters for the kids’ favourites as well as the adults. We pride ourselves on having a relaxed and friendly environment for you to enjoy your meal with us. Our children’s meals have been created with their favourites and your budget in mind leaving you with money to spend throughout the rest of the children’s holidays.

For more information or to book a table at our panchos cantina restaurant in Westcliff please contact us on 01702 432832. Or to book a table at panchos cantina in Rayleigh please call 01268 772479.


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