Light, Camera and Dinner!

Light, Camera and Dinner!

Rayleigh christmas lights are being turned on Thursday the 30th November. A beautifully festive time for the run up to christmas. Don’t miss out!

Rayleigh lights

These heartwarming times are full of being with friends and family whilst taking sentimental photos or a cheeky selfie. There are food market stalls, hot chocolates and stalls to play games, that normally consist of throwing something into or at something else.

However to make an evening out of this local event why not book a table and have a lovely dinner. This will be a welcome idea after standing in the cold for hours. Have your pick of many local restaurant ranging from Italian cuisine, Mexican cuisine, traditional English cuisine and much more.

The christmas lights switch on event takes place in Rayleigh high street on Thursday the 30th of November. As the evening becomes darker and darker the countdown begins as the first signs of the christmas festivities begin.

Join us with all your family bring your aunties, uncles, nans, grandads, son, daughters, mum and dads. No need to stop there, invite your friends and be surrounded by loved ones. This is a fun and family friendly event for everyone and you can follow up with dinner after creating that feel good vibe.

You should start your christmas celebrations with Rayleigh’s traditional christmas lights count down. From this point onward it is the countdown to christmas itself. It brings about community spirit and cheerful locals enjoying their evening in town surround by others.

You can join the fun then instead of rushing out of town with the rest of the crowds. Why not sit and eat for a while then appreciate the calm when you leave later. Once you’ve eaten you could have a quiet stroll through the town admiring the beautiful lights as you go. Then back to your car with no mass queues of traffic to worry about.

Panchos has a November offer of two courses for £12.95 from sunday to thursday so your be able to get a great deal to. We are also offering half price cocktails, so why not continue the festive fun indoors. Our restaurant offers a friendly and relaxed atmosphere making you feel right at home, just without the washing up.

For more information about Panchos Cantinas offers or to book with our Panchos Cantinas Rayleigh restaurant please contact us on 01268 772479.

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