The Holidays Are Coming

The Holidays Are Coming

What is it to you that symbolises the countdown to christmas? Is it seeing the John Lewis Christmas advert, black friday sales, christmas pop up shops and markets? Or is it the infamous Coke-a-Cola truck that does it rounds at this time of year.

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Its that time of year again when the evenings are getting darker faster and the days are getting colder. Christmas is just around the corner and the run up can be just as exciting and nostalgic.

The Coke-a-Cola truck is making is rounds through Southend on the 15th of December. This is the legendary truck seen in the christmas adverts for generations. Which is probably a massive contributor as to why it is so popular.

At this event free coke-a-cola will be handed out and a short animation is play on to the side of the truck. The Coke-a-Cola trucks drive through many towns lights up the faces of all who goes to see it pass through. This for some marks the countdown until christmas.

Families stand in the cold just the catch a glimpse of this festive truck all with one song in mind, ‘the holidays are coming’. This isn’t just another lights count down or another christmas market. This is the childhood of mum, dad, nans, grandads and of their children. The Coke-a-Cola truck is now so when known that it attracts crowds of people of all ages and backgrounds to the event.

This is something many people look to as a symbol of the festive season. The red and white christmas advert that has essentially creative the iconic figure that we all associate with christmas worldwide today. Father christmas! It was only after the Coke-a-Cola advert that he was seen dressed everywhere dressed in red and white.

Why not continue the fun and festivities by taking your friends and family out for dinner. After standing in the cold it will be welcome warmth and a great way to continue your evening. There are many restaurants to choose from in Southend and Westcliff with a wide range of cuisine.

Panchos Cantina has a November offer that fits perfectly with the timing of the Coke-a-Cola truck. You can buy two courses for just £12.95 and get half price cocktails! This offer runs from sunday to thursday throughout November.


If you would like to booked your Panchos dinners then please contact us on our Westcliff number 01702 432832

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