The Multi-Award Winning Mexican Restaurant

Pancho’s Cantina The Multi-Award Winning Mexican Restaurant

When visiting a restaurant you want to know if it’s worth your time and money, preferably before you go.

five star rating

There are many rating systems for restaurants that you can find online to see where they rank. These include reviews from customers that have visited the restaurant and what they thought of the food, atmosphere and the staff. This is one great way to see how others felt about that particular restaurant.


However you can also look up expert ratings on each place to see what the professionals in this industry think of where you eat. We’re going to give you a break down of the ratings that, we personally, are proud to have.


This ranking is general done using a ‘star’ rating. How many stars depends on who is reviewing the restaurant as that each have their own systems. Most seem to use a standard 3 star rating to represent how good a place is and how much they would recommend it.


This starts with which 0 stars, a rating no restaurants wants if they want to continues to keep there establishment open. A 1 star rating shows a very good restaurant in its category. The 2 star rating is a restaurant that has excellent cooking and is considered ‘worth a detour’. Lastly a 3 star rating, this is reserved for only the best restaurants.   


For some personal reviews from customers that have been to any restaurant you may be interested in, take a look at This site allows you to write and read reviews from people who have already visited these places. These give you an insight into how good the place is and whether it’s worth a visit.  


If you are looking for professional reviews however, some of the most well known restaurant reviewers include Michelin Guide and La Liste. Both of which we have proudly achieved a 3 star rating from. These are both worldwide restaurant rating systems and are used to seeing the best of the best. We have also acquired a 3 star rating from both Judgement of Paris and Great Chardonnay.


Panchos Cantina is a multi-award winning Mexican restaurant. We provide great food, of which even the worldwide rating professionals loved so much that gave it a 3 star rating. Our staff take pride in making a friendly and relaxing atmosphere to all of our customers. So book your table with Panchos Cantina today. Please contact us on our Rayleigh number 01268 772479 or on our Westcliff number 01702 432832.  

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